Simple. Secure. Compliant

Platform Features

INCX is being built as a distributed and sharded system which, through the use of microservices-based architecture, can be scaled infinitely. Our team has experience in successfully building high throughput, low-latency systems at industrial scale. The INCX platform design features low-latency data stores and a caching mechanism designed to deliver high performance and avoid single points of failure. The INCX UI will be highly responsive and give instant feedback to users. This architecture is similar to that of Web 2.0 companies such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook that have horizontally scalable systems.

Exchange Technology

Our cutting-edge technology platform contains an efficient matching algorithm and architecture for trading across spot, margin, futures market and more. The platform is scalable, resilient, fault-tolerant, and highly secure.

Simple to use Design

Our simple to use UX/UI consists of state-of-the-art responsive designs, built with ease of use in mind.

Device Compatibility

Our platform is designed to operate on all popular web browsers and devices. We will offer apps for iOS and Android, a responsive web design for mobile browsing, and open REST APIs for exchange to exchange and other trading integrations.

Multilingual support

Our platform seeks to support popular languages to maximize market reach. Additional languages may be enabled based on demand.

Documents and Reports

Our platform will include document generation capabilities and support custom earnings reports to help our users stay compliant with their local tax laws as they emerge.

Information Hub

Our platform will host an information hub for all the cryptocurrencies that are tradable and will offer user-friendly technologies such as chatbots to arm traders with the information they need.

Security Posture

Security is of the utmost importance for any business. Our highest responsibility as an exchange is to ensure that we keep the funds of our customers safe and secure from both external and internal malicious attackers and other security threats. We are following the best industry standard practices to build and operate a secure system.

Building a secure system does not happen by accident. There are industry standard best practices that exist which most startups choose to ignore. We believe that the best SDL practices need to be followed as soon as we start development (adding band-aids always leads to issues). Best practices such as threat modeling and STRIDE analysis, static code analysis (SAST), dynamic code analysis (DAST), and penetration testing are just a few of the steps that are part of our development lifecycle. This ensures that we will detect and eliminate any implementation-related security issues during development.  
We intend to use the encryption standards recommended by NIST publications such as AES - 256, SHA256 / SHA3 and never use any proprietary encryption schemes. All in-flight data, including internal traffic, will be over encrypted channels.
  • All sensitive data at rest will be encrypted using AES-256 bit encryption
  • All data in transit will use TLS 1.2 and our website will be hosted with EV (Extra validation) certificates
  • All passwords/keys/passphrases will be stored using one-way hashes (SHA3)
  • Crypto-wallets will be sharded in different geographic regions so that compromise of one region does not expose all the keys. More over we will support offline wallets for enhanced security.
  • We will follow the principle of least privilege in all our systems and operations (POLP).
Attackers look for system vulnerabilities to exploit. INCX operations will follow all the basics such as system hardening (avoiding open ports, avoiding weak/default passwords, patch management etc.) and no single point of failure, and in addition build an in-depth architecture of defense. We intend to put security measures at every layer of the software, all the way from the network boundary to the VMs and containers where the software runs. This ensures that even if one layer is breached, it does not result in the loss of sensitive data. We will also keep the majority of funds offline to reduce the risk of being hacked.
Internal malicious actors are a huge risk in any exchange. INCX will implement strict security measures to maintain separation of concerns. We also intend to put access and audit controls in place to prevent INCX employees from having unlimited and untracked access to any customer data. Strong audit, tight access control and policy governance will be used to manage the internal risks. All data at rest will be encrypted. Users will be required to have two-factor authentication enabled. Moreover, highly sensitive data will be protected using shared encryption keys, so no single employee can access the data. INCX is intended to be the most trustworthy exchange in the market. In order to achieve this we will internally implement policies which are in line with privacy and security regulations such as GLBA, PCI-DSS and ISO-27001. We will also aggressively work to conduct audits to receive these certifications.  

Compliance Policy

We plan to build a strong foundation with a solid Know Your Customer (KYC) – customer identification and verification policy to avoid anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CTF)-related issues and to meet local regulatory requirements. There is a growing concern about cryptocurrencies being used for nefarious activities, and as a result, several governments globally have started regulating the Crypto space. As blockchain technology itself is still relatively new, we want to take a very conservative approach and implement a robust process that will comply with the local regulations both from an account funding as well as trading perspective. Our policy will protect investors and promote transparency to the regulators. This will enable us to make the entire process of buying and selling the cryptocurrencies seamless. It will also help all the users to get authentic transaction documents as needed for tax filing purposes.

Meet The Team

InternationalCryptoX is made up of a team of highly qualified professionals from some of the best institutions across the globe. With an average experience of 20+ years in Silicon Valley, our leadership team is a great mix of professionals with varied skill sets.

Sanjoy Gaddipati
Founder, CEO and Managing Director
Preetam Kothapally
Co-Founder and COO
Sudheer Kuppam
Co-Founder and Board Member
Ajay Gaddipati
Himagiri Mukkamala


Babu Munagala

Founder, CEO & Managing Director, Zebi

20+ years of Silicon Valley experience

B.Tech, IIT Madras

Rao Surapeneni

Senior Director, ServiceNow

Ex-Microsoft, TellMe Networks, Veraz Networks, Lucent, AT&T Bell Labs 20+ years of Silicon Valley experience MBA, U.C. Berkeley-Haas School of Business

Srinivas Tirumala

Vice President, Finance, Applied Materials

20+ years of Silicon Valley experience

B.Tech, IIT Madras

Jitender Tanikella

Founder & Partner, TRA

Columbia Law School, Columbia University, New York